• Help stop .su domains, Nazis, and hate

    Top-level domains (TLDs) control the internet. We don’t think of them, because they are common; but they run this entire thing. The most familiar is .com. Or .net or .org; or for countries, there is .au for Australia or .ke, for Kenya. All this is mostly fine. But there’s at least one odd quirk of history: .su.

  • Wallace Stevens' Ice Cream Emperor

    The Emperor of Ice-Cream is one of Wallace Stevens’ best poems, also one of his strangest.

  • Frege's Numbers

    In 1884, Gottlob Frege made an ingenious move defining each and every (finite) cardinal number and proving that there are infinity of them.
  • Celebrate Remote Work

    True remote-first company cultures have all sorts of benefits, and not just for remote folks.
  • scalac -optimise Compiles Are Slow

    Don't use the this flag with scalac, since it results in very slow compiles.
  • My Favorite Little Annotation

    Jerkson is Coda Hale's small JSON library for Scala. It's a wrapper around Jackson, a fast Java JSON library with a nice API.

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